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IT-Approved Infrastructure for the AI Enterprise

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AI is Here – Is Your Data Center Ready?

Visionary business leaders are forging ahead, delivering the first wave of AI-fueled innovation. But now they need a scalable IT infrastructure that can extend machine learning and deep learning to the data center. AI places unprecedented demands on compute, storage, networking and facilities. IT leaders need an infrastructure strategy that accelerates AI, instead of stalling it.

Essential Infrastructure For The AI Enterprise

Use our experience building the world’s largest AI data centers, and thousands of leading-edge accelerated compute nodes. At NVIDIA, DGX SATURNV powers our most important work, providing a tested and proven infrastructure, designed to meet the rigorous demands of AI.


NVIDIA created NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD, the world’s 22nd fastest supercomputer, in just three weeks. Learn how it’s being used to power autonomous vehicle development and how every enterprise can now use DGX systems to rapidly build TOP500 class infrastructure to power AI innovation at scale.


The race to stay ahead of the AI wave is on. We’ve distilled the knowledge from field-proven AI deployments around the globe and our experience building NVIDIA DGX SATURNV into replicable, validated designs that every enterprise can benefit from. NVIDIA DGX POD? is a reference architecture that incorporates best practices for compute, networking, storage, power, cooling, and more, in an integrated AI infrastructure design built on NVIDIA DGX.

Proven AI Solutions Built with Data Center Leaders You Already Trust

In combination with leading storage and networking technology providers, we offer a portfolio of NVIDIA DGX reference architecture solutions incorporating the best of NVIDIA DGX POD. Delivered as fully-integrated, ready-to-deploy offerings through our NVIDIA Partner Network, these solutions make your data center AI deployments simpler and faster for IT.

Download the reference architectures available from each of our partners.


Colocation Services for NVIDIA DGX


Flexible Leasing Options Available

Reference Architectures for Industries